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Military Jobs in the United States are available in its five branches namely; the army, navy, air force, marines, and the coast guard. You could take one out of hundreds of Career Tests available online to find out if you have it in you to join the military. The military is not all about combat and war. It has job fields as diverse as administration, intelligence, law enforcement and medical spheres. There are even job opportunities in spheres like media, accountancy, public relations, transport and special operations forces in the military. When you are training for a job in the military, you receive formal instruction in ethics and honor. Intramural programs further instill in the cadets a spirit of cooperation and teamwork which is essential among the officers.

Military Jobs are available in the enlisted cadres as well as the officers’ categories. Aviation Jobs in the military, especially the air force stress on military studies, theoretical and applied leadership experiences, aviation science and airmanship programs, and military training. Military Aviation Jobs are available not just in the air force but also with each of the other military branches who also have their own aviation units. A Job Search for jobs in aviation will give you innumerable options both in the military as well as the civil domain.

If you are doing a Job Search with a view to getting Military Jobs, you might consider taking a Career Test which gives you an insight into the right career for you based upon your personality traits and interests to say nothing of your training and skills. Not everyone is made for military life and it is important to find out if you are. If you have it in you, the military itself acts as a sort of Career Builder for you.

Sites which offer civilian or non-Military Jobs also act as a Career Builder by showing you how to build and write your resume and by posting it to appropriate potential employers. They give you pointers on how to conduct yourself for best results at an interview. You can even get tips on networking and on salary and negotiations.

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