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What Is The Army Reserve?

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You can consider joining the Army Reserve if you’re looking for ways to serve the country but still maintain your civilian status and live wherever you please. Moreover, it’s a great platform to develop yourself professionally and personally. However, it’s important to understand the Army Reserve and the requirements to help you make an informed decision. This article will discuss these topics and much more. 

What is the Army Reserve?

The Army Reserve is a US military branch that permits soldiers to undergo part-time service while continuing their civilian lifestyles. Moreover, soldiers in the Army Reserve can still pursue their dream careers or go to college without interruptions. The Army Reserve was formed in 1908 to respond to crises, compete with adversaries, and prepare for future conflicts. Approximately 190 000 Army Reserve soldiers are present in five US Territories, fifty states, and twenty countries worldwide. 

It’s worth noting that the Army Reserve’s total service length ranges from three to eight years, depending on the soldier’s contract. And soldiers receive the same training as their active-duty counterparts. Training includes advanced individual and combat training. However, Army Reserve soldiers can return to civilian life after training. They are also required to spend one week monthly on duty and two weeks annually for training. They can also be drafted for active duty any time, so keep this in mind. 

How can you join the Army Reserve? 

To join the Army reserve, you need to go through the needed processes, including the following. 

Familiarize yourself with and meet the requirements 

The first step is to determine and familiarize yourself with the requirements of joining this military branch, including these: 

  • Age: you must be between the ages of 17 to 34 to join the Army Reserve. You aren’t eligible if you are below or above this age range. 
  • Education: you also must have a GED or a high school diploma. You must also participate in the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test to ascertain the right jobs suitable for your skills. However, you need to attain the minimum passing score to be eligible. 
  • Physical condition: like other military members, Army Reserve soldiers must pass a standard physical screening to ensure they are in excellent health or don’t have hidden conditions that could endanger their lives and undermine their service. 
  • Citizenship: You can join if you are a US citizen or permanent resident. You must provide citizenship documentation from your green card or birth certificate. 
  • Background checks: you will also complete a mandatory background check before enlisting.

Apply after meeting the requirements 

Each candidate is required to apply to join the Army Reserve. And you can do this at a recruiting center or online, based on your preferences. While at it, take the ASVAB test to determine your level of reasoning and logic, reading comprehension, science, and math. Your scores can help recruiters assign the most appropriate jobs, so keep this in mind. 

Enlist and attend training 

You can enlist in the Army Reserve after passing the tests and meeting the requirements. You can serve for three or six years, so feel free to consider this. After enlisting, you will undertake basic combat training for ten weeks. Afterward, you must attend advanced individual training to leverage practical learning opportunities in your assigned career. 

What are the benefits of joining the Army Reserve? 

Joining this military branch comes with its benefits. Here are a few perks worth considering. 


The US Army Reserve offers specialized training in approximately two hundred different areas, so keep this in mind. And soldiers can leverage this to develop or sharpen their skills to boost their productivity and succeed in their careers. They can also try other careers if they aren’t satisfied with their current ones. 

Part-time job opportunities 

You are entitled to a part-time job once you join the Army Reserve. Several government job opportunities are available in various fields, including technology, medicine, law enforcement, engineering, and so on. 

Salary and employment benefits 

You can earn a competitive salary while on duty, and it can increase as you move up in rank. Soldiers in this military branch also receive life and health insurance coverage, student loan repayment, educational funding opportunities, and other employment benefits. Depending on job titles and enlistment terms, soldiers can also enjoy an Officer Candidate School bonus, a skills bonus, a translator aide bonus, and an army reserve enlistment bonus.

What careers are available in the Army Reserve? 

You can choose from the following careers, depending on your skills. 

  • Air traffic control operator 
  • Public affairs specialist
  • Public health nurse
  • Geospatial analyst
  • Judge advocate, and so on.